US-Liberia Charity Organization

This is a program designed to site, drill and maintain water-wells in rural areas. Water is Life. A safe public water supply system is virtually non-existent in todays Liberia. Against this background the importance of our water-well drilling program is self-evident.

The technology of miniaturization has brought about the introduction of portable, inexpensive Hydra drilling rig. The cost of drilling a well has consequently gone down. Your kind donation or sponsorship of the water-well drilling program will bring water and therefore life to the very needy.

We invite you to give through us. Be a Sponsor of the water-well drilling program. For just fifty cents a day or fifteen dollars per month you could make a difference and impact lives. Your donation is tax-deductible and could be done with your credit card. Remember for only fifty cents a day a community life could be changed for the better.

Call us toll free at:   1-877-762-4736, or make your donation online today!