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Single Working Mother Support Program

Too often man-woman relationship irreparably breaks down. Too often the woman gets stuck with a kid that takes two to make and needs two to raise. The whole spectrum of the society is affected. The Haves and the Have-nots. The Haves can manage to get by. The Have-nots cannot even scrape by. Poorly paid, they live from check to check. Needs pile up unmet. The kid suffers. Another life wreck and jail candidate is in the making. The single working mother is unfortunately a growing class. This program seeks to offer help wherever possible in the form of supply of basic needs to alleviate the hardship of the single working mother. This is a tall order. Not all would be touched. But some will be and for the better too.

The challenges faced by the single- working mothers in the suburbs of Washington Metropolitan have led to the initiation of the first local program by Us-Liberia Charity Organization.  Though a start-up, we are committed to bringing help to the needy.

The suburban single working mother has fallen out of the range of the well articulated non-governmental inner city welfare assistance programs. Food, rent and child-care leaves virtually nothing from a salary base of $30,000. A recent survey of single working mothers in Washington Metropolitan reveals an average income that is less than $30,000 per annum. “ Having a spare change of just five dollars could mean if there would be dinner on the table for my child on some evenings and not having to buy toiletries because I have them given to me could make a whole lot of difference…..” This is an authentic statement by a struggling single mom in Oxon Hill, Maryland.

This program brings help directly by means of mobile supply van that visits housing complexes on rounds. For those who would not because of shame we would ask. Look for USLC SUPPLY VAN in the neighborhood. Very soon this program can be applied for online. Car Gift to Single Working Mother

Used Computer Donation Program

This program is designed to receive used computers from the general public and the corporate world and where need be repair and refurbish them for  donation to the needy.  A large percentage of the households are without computers. Bridging this digital divide is the goal of our computer donation program. Computers that would have landed in the land-fill are given a new lease of life. We encourage all to e-mail us when they need to donate their used computers or call toll-free 1-877-762-4736. We maintain a list of those who are in need of these computers and to get registered please call toll-free 1-877-762-4736 or e-mail us. It is strictly on a  first-come-first-served basis.

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