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This is a program designed to site, drill and maintain water-wells in rural areas. Water is Life. A safe public water supply system is virtually non-existent in today's Liberia. Against this background the importance of our water-well drilling program is self-evident.

The technology of miniaturization has brought about the introduction of portable, inexpensive Hydra drilling rig. The cost of drilling a well has consequently gone down. Your kind donation or sponsorship of the water-well drilling program will bring water and therefore life to the very needy.

We invite you to give through us. Be a Sponsor of the water-well drilling program. For just fifty cents a day or fifteen dollars per month you could make a difference and impact lives. Your donation is tax-deductible and could be done with your credit card. Remember for only fifty cents a day a community life could be changed for the better.

Call us toll free at:   1-877-762-4736, or make your donation online today!

War by its very nature is a breeder of orphans. Robbed of
care in a period when most needed, orphans
constitute one of the most disadvantaged segments of
any war-ravaged society. They are not starting from zero
but below zero.

US-Liberia Charity initiated the Orphanage Assistance Program
to help alleviate the sufferings of Liberian orphans. This
program ascertains, evaluates and fulfills immediate
needs of Liberian Orphanages on a regular basis and
seeks to meet these needs through donations and
sponsorship of people like you. Though unable to touch
all we can touch one life at at time.

Join hands with us. Be a sponsor today! Your donation
is tax-deductible. Give through US-Liberia Charity, and make a difference.




















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